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Most companies do not backup their systems in a way to safeguard their data. When time comes to restore their data after a failure, they fine they cannot. Do you know what it would mean to your company to lose all the data stored on your computer(s)? Call us, we can help.
Use IBackup's online backup solutions to insure
your data against any calamity
Schedule data backups and restore at your convenience
Data encryption on transmission and storage(optional) for maximum security
Data compression that ensure quick backups

IBackup's online backup services include applications for interactive and automatic scheduling of backups with compression and 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption during transmission, optional 256 bit proprietary encryption on storage, incremental/full backups, Snapshots for historical view, Synchronization, open file support for Outlook, MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, Oracle Server Backups and more. IBackup guarantees superior performance*, often 30% or more, compared to competition.

This in turn, translates to improved productivity for you.

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